5 Top Adventure Apps

1. Take Ten to the Greater Outdoors

Practical.  Simple.  Essential.  Take Ten is the latest app from Columbia Sportswear designed to introduce aspiring trekkers to the “Ten Essential Groups”, a collection of crucial items that no trekker should leave home without.  The app includes checklists, safety tips and “trip plans” that allows your poor mother to know roughly where on the planet you are and where you are intending to go. Cute.

2. Contour App

This funky app is ideal for the adventure film maker and adrenaline junkies that want to re-live their wildest moments. Contour is the market leader in hands-free video cameras, and with the use of this app film makers can record, post, and share their outdoor adventures while tracking their path, speed, and elevation on a map.  However, the best thing about this app is the pure practicality. With the viewfinder, you are able to see on your phone what it is your camera is seeing, and adjust settings and the positioning of the camera accordingly.  On the downside, there have been a few irate comments on blogs saying that the camera can lose signal with the phone – something to be aware of.

3. Magic Seaweed

Magic Seaweed is the surfer’s online bible, and their app should be similarly worshiped.  It provides surf forecasts for over 2,000 beaches around the world, including swell height, swell period, swell direction, wind strength, wind direction and temperature.  In case you’re in need of more than that to catch the perfect wave, MSW Mobile Pro gives wind gust speed, atmospheric pressure, forecast accuracy % and an additional 3 days of future forecasting.

4. Runkeeper

One of the old school, original fitness apps that just keeps getting better.  Runkeeper uses GPS to track how fast and far you have run, providing an array of graphs and graphics depicting your speed over time, elevation covered and your route on google maps.  The pay version of the app sends additional analysis on your performance over time.  Essential for every training runner or cyclist.

5. iTrailMap 3D

The original iTrailMap was basic but useful, providing maps of ski resorts without the need for mobile phone signal.  But then the guys at iTrail realized that in this day and age, most pisted mountains have pretty decent mobile phone coverage.  In fact, most of them have better 3G coverage than central London.  So they jazzed up the app.  The 3D version lets you see yourself on a 3D mountain and records your tracks. It also provides similar stats to Runkeeper like vertical height descended and distance covered.

Let us know about any of your favourite adventure apps.

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