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Everybody wants to go somewhere new. The reality is that finding places to go is only the start, working out how to get there and what to bring is the real task. Magnetic Junction provides information and guidance in this process, encouraging you to take more challenging trips with greater certainty.

The project started in 2009 with the aim of creating an online resource for new adventure travel options within responsible tourism. Acknowledging the luxury of travel, Magnetic Junction aims to create a door-to-door analysis of travel at the stages before, during and after a trip.

A team of writers blog about places to go and gear to get, paying attention to the effects of travel on local environments, and of course to value to travellers themselves. As the outdoors become more accessible to tourists, it is more important than ever that measures are taken to ensure long-term preservation.

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The Team

Will Ross Magnetic Junction

Will Ross

Cycling & Running

OW Dip

Olly Worsley


15kg cod in Norway

Josh Macfarlane

Fishing & Trekking

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Sam Travis

Surfing & Windsurfing

Rowena 300 Black Columns
French Pow
Jack Richards
Marc Macmillan

Marc Macmillan

Fishing & Trekking

Rory Cumming
Ned Cummings

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